Plastic Storage Bins

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Plastic Storage Bins

You can (and should) use Plastic Storage Bins to hold all of your belongings from clothing to linens to shoes to parts and supplies, while maintaining a level of safety and protection from pests, contaminants, dust and any unwanted visitors and/or surprises.  With usefulness, durability, efficiency and look in mind, our storage bins have been designed for all different types of settings and environments.  Our plastic storage bins are manufactured and molded from heavy duty, water proof polypropylene, providing an unrivaled storage and efficiency solution for you. Whether you need storage for the home, office, warehouse, hospital or any setting, our storage bins and containers will provide you with the kind of reliable storage solution you are looking for.

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Plastic Storage Bins from Monster Bins - Low Price Guarantee!


Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

Stackable Plastic Storage Bins are used everywhere from the home to plumbing vans to military bases. The features of these storage bins is what makes them so popular, regardless of who is using them and where.


Plastic Shelf Bins & Parts Bins

Monster Bins has the largest selection Plastic Shelf Bins and Parts Bins. Shelf Bins are great when you do not need them to stack.


Plastic Storage Bins with Lids

Our selection of Plastic Storage Bins with Lids are great for industrial use. Read More about our Shelf Bins.


Shelving Units with Storage Bins

For stores and warehouses, our Shelving Units with Storage Bins are the best option. Maximize your available space with our complete packages.

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