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Regardless of industry, all professionals face a similar challenge; how to organize and store their parts and supplies effectively, efficiently and economically.

The answer to all three of those questions that challenge professionals daily is to use shelf bins.  Shelf bins are the most efficient and economic storage bins that are available.  Whether you plan on using these bins in a van, warehouse or home, they will be perfect for organizing your inventories and supplies.  They are built with slots for dividers so you can use the same storage bin for multiple different supplies.  There are different styles of storage bins that are perfect for storing all of your parts, it all depends on how and where you intend to use them.

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The most economical parts bins are shelf bins.  These plastic storage bins are made to rest on a shelving unit, counter top or desk.  When these plastic shelf bins are empty, they will nest inside each other.  These bins are probably the single greatest alternative to cardboard boxes.  Unlike cardboard, these parts bins can withstand constant use and are easily able to be cleaned.  You may think you’re saving money by purchasing cardboard boxes, but the truth is that you will spend a lot more money over time when you need to start replacing the cardboard.  Since our shelf bins are highly durable, you never have to worry about replacing them.  Also, they are water proof, rust proof and corrosion proof.  It’s pretty clear to see why these parts bins are some of the most popular and most commonly used storage bins that you will find.

Shelf bins are available in many different size and color options.  They are either 4″ high or 6″ high.  You can purchase them in multiple different colors or even in clear.  Clear shelf bins are highly helpful in situations where people can’t afford to waste time searching for parts, since the contents of the bin will be known with one quick glance.


Parts bins, or shelf bins are used by people in countless industries.  Some of the most common places you can find shelf bins being used are: warehouses, pharmacies, hospitals, doctor’s offices, shows and conferences as well as in the home.

If you have grown tired of always having to search for parts, or constantly misplacing important supplies, you should purchase parts bins.  Just select the size that is best for you and get your supplies organized.

Monster Bins’ plastic shelf bins are easily the best solution for all of your storage needs.  Replace your old and worn out corrugated & cardboard boxes with our parts bins. Our nestable parts bins are tough enough for whatever you need to store. Shelf Bins are made from the highest quality polyethylene. These storage bins have label holder slots so you can easily identify which parts are inside of each bin. They are designed with an open front so that you will always be able to reach in and grab the necessary parts. The different depths of our parts bins make them perfect for all different size shelving units.

Features of Simplastics Shelf Bins:

  • Shelf Bins are available in many sizes
  • Nestable when empty, conserving valuable space
  • Always have access to the parts inside of the bins
  • Easily washable and will not get rusted or corroded

12″ DEEP

18″ DEEP

24″ DEEP

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