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There are certain items that need to be stored in a safe place and kept away from any dust or particles that may be in the air or in the room.  For those situations, you should use plastic storage bins with lids.  Storage bins with lids are available in many different styles, and no matter what you need them for, there is a style for you.

Stack and Nest Totes

Cross Stack Tubs

Dividable Grid Containers

Attached Lid Containers

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Let’s discuss the dividable grid containers.  These containers come with optional lids and dividers.  The dividers can go both long and wide, allowing you to create multiple compartments within each storage bin.  These storage bins can also stack on top of each other when they are being used with a lid.  These dividable grid containers and boxes are used by pharmacies, hospitals and many IT Professionals.  For those people who deal with electronic components, you can purchase ESD Conductive dividable grid containers.  Esd bins protect your parts from any kind of electric charge.

Another style of storage bin or container with a lid is the stack and nest totes.  These bins will stack with lids, and can nest when they are empty.  They are heavy duty and are used by all different types of industries.  Anyone who needs a durable and practical storage bin with a lid can feel safe using these stack and nest totes.

Our Cross Stackable Plastic Tubs are FDA approved totes that can nest inside of each other when empty or can be stacked on top of another tub.  These containers are designed to still provide easy access to whatever is inside, even when stacked.  These tubs are perfect for production, assembly and order picking.  These plastic containers are easy to clean which is important since they are used in restaurants and foodservice settings.  They have handles and can hold up to 100 lbs.  Our FDA Approved containers are made in Gray, Blue and White.  USDA/FDA approved totes can be used in food industries for use with meats and poultry.



    • Monster Bins Attached Lid Containers and Boxes can either be stacked or nested to help make the most of your available space
    • These Storage Containers are commonly used for distribution and order picking
    • Attached lids close securely and protect your supplies from any unwanted contaminants

If you’re looking for storage bins without lids, view these options:

Stack and Hang Bins

Plastic Shelf Bins and Parts Bins

Shelving Racks with Storage Bins

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